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The registration process

General requirements and documents for admission
To pursue master's studies, the minimum university degree required is a university bachelor's degree, equivalent to between 120 and 144 Costa Rican university credits. To pursue university baccalaureate or bachelor's degree studies, a high school diploma in secondary education is required.
Registration forms
Interested persons must attach to the registration form:

a- A copy of the identity card for Costa Ricans or the passport data sheet for foreigners

b- A curriculum vitae (maximum 4 pages.)

e- Digital copy of the university diploma with which the entry requirement is validated

d- A recent photograph.

e- Proof of instrumental proficiency in an additional foreign language.
In the case of foreign people:

a- Provide a certification of qualifications from the study program that validates the entry requirement. The certification must contain the list of subjects, the grades obtained, the value in credits per subject and the period in which it was taken.

b- Send via mail, a maximum of 60 calendar days after being accepted, the documents already presented in digital format, with the Hague Apostille. Documents written in a language other than Spanish must be officially translated.

c-The shipping address of the documentation can be consulted at
our Contact section.
Verification of reports
The admissions unit verifies the correspondence of the reports and their sufficiency to meet the general admission requirements and those specific to the selected career.

a-If they comply satisfactorily, the interested person is registered in the Academic management system and in the online payment system.

b- In case of non-conformities, the person responsible for the Unit initiates consultations and interactions to correct them, with the interested party. Otherwise the process stops.
The admission
a- Finally, the admission note is issued, the study contract is formalized and the activities begin, in accordance with the academic calendar.

b- It is from this moment that the rights and duties defined in the Organic Statute and the current institutional regulations are obtained.

The Graduation Process is conceived as the series of procedures that a student carries out to accredit compliance with the study plan of the degree they are studying, which culminates with the delivery of their respective diploma at the graduation ceremony.

To be eligible to graduate, the student must:

a-Have passed all the subjects that make up the study plan of the degree taken.

b- Have approved one of the graduation modalities enabled for the study plan of the degree taken. It implies that the formalization of compliance must be carried out in the period prior to the graduation cut-off date.

c-Have no pending documentary or financial commitments with the UCI.

d-Having canceled graduation rights.

Student Services

The Admission and Registration Unit is responsible for safeguarding the official documentation of admission, development and dynamics of the careers of our student and alumni communities, respectively.
The additional services provided are the following:

Preparation of certificates and certifications
• Student certificate: Identifies a student as an active UCI student, his or her career and promotion.
• Proof of grades: obtained from admission until the time of application.
• Student certification
• Certification of qualifications
• Graduate Certification
• Graduate Certification

NOTE: Certifications for use abroad can be apostilled at an additional cost
Other services
• Notarial documentary authentication
• Replacement of titles
• Hague Apostille
• Official and unofficial translations of documentation.
• Provision of student ID
• Validation and recognition of studies, up to a maximum of 60% of the total
• Career changes or promotions.
• Processing of voluntary suspension of studies and re-entry into a career.

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